I remember our class working on algebra. All the boys were quiet ... Suddenly Alekhine stood up excitedly, his face radiant ..."Well, Alekhine, did you solve it?' teacher Bachinsky asked him. "I did ... I sacrifice the knight, and the bishop moves ... and White wins!". - Georgy Rimsky-Korsakov (classmate of Alexander Alekhine)


Had I undergone the severe nursery and kindergarten schools, with their obliteration of personal responsibility, their indifference, their enforced adherence to the principle of 'do as everyone else does', their adherence to a culture of kitsch and cliche, and the struggle for everything - for a toy or a place in the clique, for praise from the teacher or attention from the group - had I experienced this, I'm convinced I would have turned out differently, more conforming and less independent, and I never would have achieved what I have. -  Anatoly Karpov


There is no better place for learning to work independently and to extend your horizon than in higher school.  -  Mikhail Botvinnik


I would never suggest to anyone that they drop school for chess. First of all even if you can make it in chess, your social skills need to be developed there.  -  Viswanathan Anand