At the ches with me she [Fortune] gan to pleye; With her false draughts [pieces] dyvers/She staal on me, and took away my fers. And when I sawgh my fers awaye, Allas! I kouthe no lenger playe. (from The Book of the Duchess, 1369 - a knight mourning his wife compares that to the loss of a chess queen in a game against Fortune) - Geoffrey Chaucer


Combinations with a queen sacrifice are among the most striking and memorable ...  -  Anatoly Karpov


In choosing an opening plan players think most of all of harmonious development for the pieces, but sometimes leave the development of the queen out of their considerations. Yet the Queen is the most valuable and important piece and the whole outcome can depend upon how successfully she plays her role.  -  Alexander Kotov


A Queen's sacrifice, even when fairly obvious, always rejoices the heart of the chess-lover.  -  Savielly Tartakower


And whan I saw my fers (Queen) awaye,/ Allas! I kouthe no lenger playe.  -  the knight in Chaucer's 'Book of the Duchess' (1369)


Do not bring your Queen out too early.  -  from Francisco Bernardina Calogno's poem 'On the Game of Chess' ('De ludo scachorum') circa 1500


They (Europeans) overlook that the game is an image of battle, for which reason the terms Queen and Bishop are inappropriate and ought to be replaced by Supreme General and Elephant - as is the practice among eastern nations who were the founders and inventors of the game.  -  Thomas Hyde (1694)