Practice & Study


Contrary to many young colleagues I do believe that it makes sense to study the classics. - Magnus Carlsen


The common game is chesse, almost the simplest will give both checke and eke a mate; by praktice comes their skill. (1568 - observation by Englishman visiting Moscow)


It is ... impossible to keep one's excellence in a little glass casket, like a jewel, to take it out whenever wanted. On the contrary, it can only be conserved by continuous and good practice.  -  Adolph Anderssen


By all means examine the games of the great chess players, but don't swallow them whole. Their games are valuable not for their separate moves, but for their vision of chess, their way of thinking.  -  Anatoly Karpov


First and foremost it is essential to understand the essence, the overall idea of any fashionable variation, and only then include it in one's repertoire. Otherwise the tactical trees will conceal from the player the strategic picture of the wood, in which his orientation will most likely be lost.  -  Lev Polugaevsky


My very first book was a games collection of Anatoly Karpov. On the whole I was attracted by positonal play with some tactics, and already then I was aiming for universality.  -  Vladimir Kramnik


Every month I look through some ten thousand games, so not as to miss any new ideas and trends.  -  Vladimir Kramnik


On the whole, the life of a chess professional is not as easy as it appears at first sight. One needs to devote some ten hours a day to chess and to everything connected with it - physical and psycholgical preparation.  - Vladimir Kramnik


I think a player constantly improves his understanding of chess with experience.  -  Yasser Seirawan


From time to time, like many other players, I glance through my own games of earlier years, and return to positions and variations which have gone out of practice. I attempt to restore them, to find new ideas and plans.  -   Yefim Geller


The concept of 'talent' is formed under completely abstract criteria, having nothing in common with reality. But the reality is such that I don’t understand chess as a whole. But then again no one understands chess in its entirety. Perhaps talent is something else, in chess it is conditionality.  -  Alexander Morozevich