I don't like politics especially in chess. All I want is promote chess 24/7. - Susan Polgar
In chess the rules are fixed and the outcome is unpredictable, whereas in Putin's Russia the rules are unpredictable and the outcome is fixed.  - Garry Kasparov
I take judicial notice of the fact many hobby chess players I know have a small library on the game, chess moves and famous players, but are not professionals merely by ownership of such material. - (In dismissing Steven Cohen's case before the Tax Court of Canada whereby Mr. Cohen was attempting to reclaim some of his $122,000 losses at poker by claiming it as a business expense - and claiming that his purchase of poker books and attending a seminar was business-like training) - Judge Frank Pizzitelli
The rise of the Soviet school to the summit of world chess is a logical result of socialist cultural development.  -  (1958)  -  Alexander Kotov
A Soviet diplomat, like a skilled chess player, does not expect his opposite number to give up something for nothing, not even a pawn. -  Arthur H. Dean (advisor to US presidents, UN delegate)
You know, comrade Pachman, I don't enjoy being a Minister, I would rather play chess like you, or make a revolution in Venezuela.  -  Che Guevara
When I ask President Marcos for two million dollars, at worst he wants to know whether he should bring the money straight away or whether I can wait for a cheque in the post.  -  Florencio Campomanes
It's true that in chess as in politics, fund-raising and glad-handing matter.  -  Garry Kasparov
Your Soviet players are cheating, losing the games on purpose to my rival, Botvinnik, in order to increase his points on the score.  -  (to Stalin in Moscow 1936 where he finished in 1st place, 1 point ahead of Botvinnik)  -  Jose Capablanca
Chess players, people who travel all over the world, should be trusted or else not sent anywhere at all. Why are these four people (Antoshion and three other official 'minders') sent along to supervise us? With their meagre experience, all that thay did was interfere, more than ever before. And when they were needed, they weren't to be found ...  -  Victor Kortchnoi
I met with similar fate (as Martina Navritalova) after I left Czechoslovakia in 1968. Chess tournaments in which I participated were not reported or appeared without my name. The same year Martina left, a book of chess puzzles by two Czech grandmasters, Vlastimil Hort and Vlastimil Jansa, was published in Prague. The publisher Olympia printed 18,000 copies and when it was done, some censors discovered my name attached to one of the games. They did something unbelievable: they cut out the page with my name, printed a new one without my name and glued it back in the book. They did it page by page, book by book – 18,000 times.  -  Lubosh Kavalek