The fact that a knight is temporarily on the edge of the board is of no great significance.  -  Anatoly Karpov


The night of QB3 is under obligation, the moment the enemy gives him the chance, of undertaking an invasion of the center by Kn-Q5. -  Aaron Nimzowitsch


To have a knight planted in your game at K6 is worse than a rusty nail in your knee.  -  Efim Bogolubow


I have added these principles to the law: get the Knights into action before both bishops are developed.  -  Emanuel Lasker


Inexperienced players have a fear of this piece, which seems to them enigmatic, mysterious, and astonishing in its power. We must admit that it has remarkable characteristics which compel respect and occasionally surprise the most wary players.  -  Eugene Znosko-Borowski


Althought the Knight is generally considered to be on a par with the Bishop in strength, the latter piece is somehat stronger in the majority of cases in which they are opposed to each other.  -  Jose Capablanca


The knight is renowned for, among other things, its suitability as a blockader ... Because its strength lies in short-range operations it is not uncomfortable standing in a single spot for long periods, as the Bishop is.  -  Samuel Reshevsky


Seize the outpost K5 with your knight, and you can go to sleep. Checkmate will come by itself.  -  Savielly Tartakower


Tartakower once wrote that after planting a Knight in the center you can go to sleep. This is not to be taken literally, of course, but it contains more than a germ of truth.  -  Samuel Reshevsky


I know the knights walke in this game too well, Hee maye skip over mee, and where am I then?  -  1624  -  Thomas Middleton


In blitz, the knight is stronger than the bishop.  -  Vlastmil Hort


The weaker the player the more terrible the Knight is to him, but as a player increases in strength the value of the Bishop becomes more evident to him, and of course there is, or should be, a corresponding decrease in his estimation of the value of the Knight as compared to the bishop.  -  Jose Capablanca