In my own experience, the main benefits are often realized when the endgames you have studied never make it onto the board. Endgames often arise in variations, and it's important to develop a good 'feel' for which ones are likely to pose practical problems for the opponent. Likewise, the confidence to simplify into an inferior but tenable endgame safe in the knowledge that you know how to handle it is invaluable. - Luke McShane


Repeating moves in an ending can be very useful. Apart from the obvious gain of time on the clock one notices that the side with the advantage gains psychological benefit.  -  Sergey Belavenets


The king is a strong piece - use it !  -  Rueben Fine


It cannot be too greatly emphasized that the most important role in pawn endings is played by the king.  -  Siegbert Tarrasch


In the ending the king is a powerful piece for assisting his own pawns, or stopping the adverse pawns.  -  Wilhelm Steinitz


The great mobility of the King forms one of the chief characteristics of all endgame strategy. In the middlegame the King is a mere 'super', in the endgame on the other hand - on of the 'principals'. We must therefore develop him, bring him nearer to the fighting line.  - Aaron Nimzowitsch


The king, which during the opening and middlegame stage is often a burden because it has to be defended, becomes in the endgame a very important and aggressive piece, and the beginner should realize this, and utilize his king as much as possible.  -  Jose Capablanca


I detest the endgame. A well-played game should be practically decided in the middlegame.  -  David Janowski


In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else. For whereas the endings can be studied and mastered by themselves, the middle game and end game must be studied in relation to the end game.  -  Jose Capablanca


A player can sometimes afford the luxury of an inaccurate move, or even a definite error, in the opening or middlegame without necessarily obtaining a lost position. In the endgame … an error can be decisive, and we are rarely presented with a second chance.  - Paul Keres


Capablanca did not apply himself to opening theory (in which he never therefore achieved much), but delved deeply into the study of end-games and other simple positions which respond to technique rather than to imagination.  -  Max Euwe


Endings of one rook and pawns are about the most common sort of endings arising on the chess board. Yet though they do occur so often, few have mastered them thoroughly. They are often of a very difficult nature, and sometimes while apparently very simple they are in reality extremely intricate.  -  Jose Capablanca


The best way to learn endings, as well as openings, is from the games of the masters.  -  Jose Capablanca


Ninety percent of the book variations have no great value, because either they contain mistakes or they are based on fallacious assumptions; just forget about the openings and spend all that time on the endings.  -  Jose Capablanca


Even the best grandmasters in the world have had to work hard to acquire the technique of rook endings.  -  Paul Keres


It is a well known phenomenon that the same amateur who can conduct the middle game quite creditably, is usually perfectly helpless in the end game. One of the principal requisites of good chess is the ability to treat both the middle and end game equally well.  -  Aaron Nimzowitsch


To improve at chess you should in the first instance study the endgame.  -  Jose Capablanca


If you are weak in the endgame, you must spend more time analysing studies; in your training games you must aim at transposing to endgames, which will help you to acquire the requisite experience.  -  Mikhail Botvinnik


Agreeing to draws in the middlegame, equal or otherwise, deprives you of the opportunity to practice playing endgames, and the endgame is probably where you need the most practice.  -  Pal Benko


It often happens that a player is so fond of his advantageous position that he is reluctant to transpose to a winning endgame.  -  Samuel Reshevsky


I always urge players to study composed problems and endgames.  - Pal Benko


Even in the heat of a middlegame battle the master still has to bear in mind the outlines of a possible future ending.  -  David Bronstein


After a bad opening, there is hope for the middle game. After a bad middle game, there is hope for the endgame. But once you are in the endgame, the moment of truth has arrived.  -  Edmar Mednis


The amount of points that can be gained (and saved) by correct endgame play is enormous, yet often underestimated by youngsters and amateurs.  -  Edmar Mednis


Do not permit yourself to fall in love with the end-game play to the exclusion of entire games. It is well to have the whole story of how it happened; the complete play, not the denouement only. Do not embrace the rag-time and vaudeville of chess.  -  Emanuel Lasker


When I was preparing for one term's work in the Botvinnik school I had to spend a lot of time on king and pawn endings. So when I came to a tricky position in my own games I knew the winning method.  -  Garry Kasparov


The endgame is an arena in which miraculous escapes are not uncommon.  -  Leonid Shamkovich


Lack of proper endgame technique allows many players to escape from lost positions, even without any spectacular play on their part. -  Leonid Shamkovich


A knight ending is really a pawn ending.  -  Mikhail Botvinnik


In the endgame, the most common errors, besides those resulting from ignorance of theory, are caused by either impatience, complacency, exhaustion, or all of the above.  -  Pal Benko


The business of the endgame is maneuvring to control critical squares, advancing or blockading passed pawns, preparing a breakthrough by the king, or exploiting the subtle superiority of one piece over another.  -  Pal Benko


Patience is the most valuable trait of the endgame player.  -  Pal Benko


No one has ever played these endgames with such elegant ease as Capablanca.  -  Richard Reti


In a rook and pawn ending, the rook must be used aggressively. It must either attack enemy pawns, or give active support to the advance of one of its own pawns to the queening square.  -  Siegbert Tarrasch


You will already have noticed how often Capablanca repeated moves, often returning to positions which he had had before. This is not lack of deciciveness or slowness, but the employment of a basic endgame principle which is 'Do not hurry'.  -  Alexander Kotov


In the middlegame, the king is merely an extra, but in the endgame, he is one of the star actors.  -  Aaron Nimzowitsch


If you study the classic examples of endgame play you will see how the king was brought up as soon as possible even though there seemed no particular hurry at the time.  -  Alexander Kotov


I always urge players to study composed problems and endgames.  - Pal Benko