When I analyse a position, I have a sparring partner (Alexander Huzman - ed.) who understands chess amazingly well. In a way I feel sorry for him, because of his work with me he cannot play as much chess as he wants. He more or less gave up his playing career. - Boris Gelfand


I learnt an enormous amount, but there came a point where I found there was too much stress. It was no fun any more. Outside of the chessboard I avoid conflict, so I thought this wasn’t worth it. (on training sessions with Kasparov)  -  Magnus Carlsen


How would these young players feel if their own coach would use the confidential analysis and information against them in important events like the Olympiad, World Cup, US Championship, or other major events? I think this would break that bond and there will be problems with the trust issue. My job is to help these young players reach their full potential, and not compete against or try to beat them. - Susan Polgar


I cannot claim to thoroughly enjoy coaching, because it is very hard work if you are even moderately conscientious. Nevertheless it does provide a degree of satisfaction - not to mention a steady income, which is why I do it occasionally.  -  Nigel Short


I answered patiently that I was more than willing to sit down at length with him and discuss his retirement. In the meantime, however, the tournament wasn't over; so would he kindly just shut the f*** up, go back and try to finish his carreer on a good note? (to Elshan Moradiabadi, who had blundered terrbly with one round to go - surprising himself, he won the next game and captured the bronze medal on tiebreak) - Nigel Short


One thing with Garry, and I think it is due in a large part to his Soviet training, he'll never quite understand that you have to be able to criticize constructively. When you have someone who is always on your case and it's never good enough no matter how you win a game, it just brings you down, you lose confidence. And as a chess player you have to be confident, you have to believe in yourself.  -  Hikaru Nakamura


Furman astounded me with his chess depth, a depth which he revealed easily and naturally, as if all he were doing was establishing well-known truths.  -  Anatoly Karpov


The first great chess players, including the world champion, got by perfectly well without constant coaches.  -  Anatoly Karpov


If I win a tournament, I win it by myself. I do the playing. Nobody helps me.  -  Bobby Fischer


Unless a player has an 'understanding chess' rating of at least 2400, the amount of significant knowledge that he can impart on others is limited.  -  Edmar Mednis


I feel that it is no less interesting to be a trainer than to play oneself. I even take greater delight in the tournament successes of my lads than I do in my own.  -  Mark Dvoretsky


Torbjorn (Hansen, Magnus Carlsen's first teacher) himself went from 2104 to 2204 in rating during the year he trained with Magnus. This reflects the experience I have had. One learns nearly as much from teaching others.  -  Simen Agdestein


My studies with Botvinnik brought me immense benefit, particularly the homework assignments which forced me to refer to chess books and to work independently.  -  Anatoly Karpov


The pupil wants not so much to learn, as to learn how to learn.  - Samuel Boden