by Kramnik


My very first book was a games collection of Anatoly Karpov. On the whole I was attracted by positonal play with some tactics, and already then I was aiming for universality.


I have no time for any particular interests apart from chess.


It is rightly said that the most difficult thing in chess is winning a won position.


Playing blindfold, like it or not, you have to make your body work at full power, otherwise you risk losing your orientation at the board.


We are all, in a sense, Tal's children; I grew up on his games and in my childhood I played in such a style.


Playing rapid chess, one can lose the habit of concentrating for several hours in serious chess. That is why, if a player has big aims, he should limit his rapidplay in favour of serious chess.


Every month I look through some ten thousand games, so not as to miss any new ideas and trends.


On the whole, the life of a chess professional is not as easy as it appears at first sight. One needs to devote some ten hours a day to chess and to everything connected with it - physical and psycholgical preparation.


When I was a child I liked the games of Capablanca, and later I was captivated by Alekhine's play.


In the current FIDE World Championship, on the knock-out system, weaker players have good chances. Those, who in a long match would practically have no chance, here may creep through.


I don’t know whether computers are improving the style of play, I know they are changing it. Chess has become a different game, one could say that computers have changed the world of chess. That is pretty clear.


I cannot see myself playing beyond the age of 40.


Chess is like body-building. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain – chess is a matter of daily training.


Look at the catastrophic record Vishy Anand has against Garry Kasparov. Kasparov managed to beat him almost everywhere they played, even though Vishy Anand has belonged to the absolute top players in the world for fifteen years. This difference cannot be explained purely in chess terms, there must have been some psychology.


Part of my preparation for the World Champion match against Kasparov was to be ready for his off-board tactics. I did not to react to them at all. Once you start thinking about these things during the game, even analysing them, you’re caught.

on Kramnik


I have never said this before, but I think he is the only one who plays as well as I did at the same age. - Garry Kasparov


The taunt from Kramnik about 'lending' me the title, was ridiculous. - Viswanathan Anand


Vladimir Kramnik was FIDE World Champion from 2000, when he defeated Garry Kasparov until 2007 when he was defeated by Viswanathan Anand.