by Kortchnoi


Chess is my life.


No Chess Grandmaster is normal; they only differ in the extent of their madness.


The only positive contribution to chess from Fischer in the last 20 years.  -  (on the Fischer clock)


Now how the hell can I be Petrosian's second if it makes me sick to watch how he plays?


As a rule, the more mistakes there are in a game, the more memorable it remains, because you have suffered and worried over each mistake at the board.


Chess players, people who travel all over the world, should be trusted or else not sent anywhere at all. Why are these four people (Antoshin and three other official 'minders') sent along to supervise us? With their meagre experience, all that thay did was interfere, more than ever before. And when they were needed, they weren't to be found ...


One cannot help but admire the devilish determination and ingenuity of this man.  -  (on Petrosian)


There came a time when I realized that the ability to defend was - for a good chess player - insufficient. You can't be dependent upon your opponent's will, but must try to impose your will on him.


It is unpleasant for the players, when the organizers arrange for play to take place in the morning. The games from such last rounds, in view of the large number of mistakes, are not fit for publication!


Those who think that it is easy to play chess are mistaken. During a game a player lives on his nerves, and at the same time he must be perfectly composed.


As a fellow traveller and a living witness of Spassky's progress, I can testify that I know no man who is more capable of self-perfection than Spassky.


From being an average member of society - featureless, unreasoning, submissive - he has become an independent, discerning thinker, and has gradually turned into a dissident.  -  (on  Spassky)

on Kortchnoi


Kortchnoi's heritage is many-faceted - over the decades he has several times corrected and changed his style. But the main thing has invariably remained his search for chess truth.  -  Garry Kasparov


Greg Kaidanov tried to get me to view his behavior as part of what makes him great – if he wouldn't get so upset about losing, he'd never maintain the level that he has. I see his point, but somehow I can't accept the idea that these sorts of verbal assaults on people are justified, no matter what their end goal is.  -  Irina Krush


In a way, Kortchnoi may count himself lucky that he never became World Champion; even now, at the age of 80, he is still playing with the greatest possible enjoyment. It seems that to me that in order to stay active your primary motive should be enjoyment.  -  Jan Timman


As far as Kortchnoi the chess player is concerned, he fulfilled himself as much as his strength and talent allowed.  -  Anatoly Karpov


My association with Kortchnoi is linked with many difficult moments, dark thoughts, disappointments, and despair, but I have nothing against Kortchnoi.  -  Anatoly Karpov


I have heard so many times that Kortchnoi had the great misfortune of meeting me when his best playing was already behind him. Nothing of the sort! Kortchnoi's best years arrived exactly at the time he battled me ….  -  Anatoly Karpov


With all his outward aplomb, ostentatious strength, and demonstrative assurance, Kortchnoi was always a rather unstable and doubting person.  -  Anatoly Karpov


Kortchnoi has a stable opening repertoire, with which he aims to lure his opponents into schemes where he is well versed.  -  Anatoly Karpov


When playing against Kortchnoi you have to think not only about the current moves, but also about what the opponent may take the liberty of doing, and this is not the best atmosphere for creativity.  - Anatoly Karpov


Kortchnoi rarely declines any opportunity to gain material.  - Anatoly Karpov


Kortchnoi has maintained his drive by refusing to look back at what would be the glory days for just about anyone else. He is still driven by the game of chess and by an earnest desire to beat his opponent, not merely to do his best.  -  Garry Kasparov